©1983, 5 Min.

16mm Color


IMPETIGO is the story of passion and possession in a steamy nocturnal landscape. The characters: Zeke, an inhibited birdlike creature, Flake, a post-industrialist robot and Fish, a fish, live in a barren tract amidst surveillance and entrapment. Their main concerns are lust and what to do on weekends. --J.D.


IMPETIGO uses the theme of television warped reality. Here, once home from work, Zeke (our main character) sheds his overcoat to reveal an anthropomorphic bird-like creature. His swetheart, Fish lives - where else?- in an aquarium and would like nothing better than to go see a movie tonight. Flake, Zeke's pal, takes a walk and commiserates: What to do with his spare time? The dialogue is straight from televisionland, though as it is spoken by these odd fantasy characters, the absurdities of such a bankrupt language reverberate even louder.

-- New York Filmmakers Exposition Juror


IMPETIGO has something to say about relationships, but in a totally surprising, disarming manner. It is a visually charming and emotionally pleasing moment that's over too soon.

-- Elfrieda Pantoga Milwaukee Sentinel

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