Virtual Theater District (VRML)

Contact & Credits


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Website  (2007)

Graphic Design Andrew Twigg
Content Jeffrey Jacobson

VRML Pompeii  (2005)

Artwork Veronica Polo
Director, Sponsor, File Conversion & Website Jeffrey Jacobson
Sponsor: Funding PublicVR
Sponsor: Staff Support Studio for Creative Inquiry

Temple of Isis (1999)

Artwork Nicole Jackson
Director, Website Jeffrey Jacobson
Documentation Jane Vadnal
General Sponsor Studio for Creative Inquiry, CMU

Virtual Pompeii (1996)

Primary Sponsor: Facilities, Support Staff, Funding Studio for Creative Inquiry
Primary Sponsor: Computers and Tech Support Silicon Graphics
Primary Sponsor: Funding Archaeological Institute of America
Sponsor: Head-Mounted Display for VR Liquid Image, Inc.
Sponsor: 3D Modeling Software Centric Software
Sponsor: Human Animation software and support The Center for Human Modelling and Simultion
Sponsor: High-End Projectors ElectraHome USA Inc.
Producer/Director Lowry Burgess
Director Carl Eugene Loeffler
Technical Lead Jeffrey Jacobson
Historical Content  
Historical Researcher Jane Vadnal
Lead Artist Nicole Jackson (Isis)
Lead Artist Veronica Polo (Theater and Street)
Artist Dan Goldwasser
Artist Sharona Jacobs
Artist Madsion Mount
Artist Erin Salzer
Artist Leon Stiel
Programmer Nathan Dohm
Programmer Ross Knepper
Programmer Phil Nemec
Programmer Herb Stiel
Programmer Travis Schuessler
Programmer Tammo Spalink
Programmer Henry S. Gnad
Sound (Not available in the VRML version.)
Lead Audio Ray Chick
Audio Alicia Jane Allen
Signing Priest in the Isis Temple CMU Music School Student
Dramatic Production:   (Automated Play in the Theater, not available in the VRML version.)
Dramatic Director Don Marinelli
Dramatic Scripting Lucas Hudak
Dramatic Scripting Robert Pietri
Roman Senator Don Marinelli
Titus CMU Drama School Student
Bernice Doug Sickles
Administration Brian Rogers
Administration Marge Myers
Secretarial Support Jennifer Brodt
Additional Thanks Carnegie Mellon University Department of Music, Curtis Beeson, Rama Bindiganavale, John Dobbins, Danyale English, Amanda Ford, Michael Herf, Josh Larson-Mogal, Dimitrie B. Lazich, Choli Lightfoot, Mark Meister, Elizabeth Neuman, Charles Palmer, Rachel Schmedler, Todd Schneider, Ricardo Schulz, Carl Seaquist, Robert Tseng, Ann Weis

Virtual Theater District (VRML) is available to the public for non-commercial educational purposes. See the distribution agreement for more information.