just another market mop up






In just another market mop up, inspired by the glass-encased gallery's similarity to a public aquarium, suspended life-sized casts of two sharks and several piranhas float.






just another market mop up is an installation in which predator and prey, beneficence and need conflate. Painting cloaks the sculptural, yet the physical can not be denied. The material flees deception, yet illusion chases on. Ruse carrots and corn, rabbits and ravens, are stratagems of confrontational, consumptive sharks and piranhas.






In the absurdly comical but ultimately humiliating choreography of a circus act, the marine predators execute a mid-air performance.






Each shark with its piranhas hangs against a backdrop of panels covered in copper powder, treated with a turquoise patina, evoking through color and material, the three elements of earth, air and water that support these creatures and their "natural" order. A CD sound loop plays continuously throughout the installation.






Forming a pair of swags that nearly fill the gallery, piranhas line up to swim, head to tail, into the mouths of the bigger fish. While it is unclear who is eating whom, just another market mop up critiques what many consider the natural order, the conditions and consequences of current international economic policies.






This critique of public enterprise spills into the private sphere; a coin-filled bucket acts as a poignant reminder of our individual responsibilities to the global community. Plinking sounds punctuating the mopping sounds suggest coins being dropped into wishing wells or fountains. Tossing a coin into a well is a token act of charity that thinly veils our own selfish desires. We wish for something better than what we already have, but ironically, we already have what the beneficiaries of our "drop in the bucket" contribution might wish for, had they our good fortune to toss money away.
Text by Evans/Johnson