Art is no longer today is merely an aesthetic experience, but has become a means for many to learn about the world. Prior to the era of Post-Modernity--an age of transition in which the rebuilding of all facets of civilization's foundation is under scrutiny--the rationalist mind has traditionally abhorred the non-linear, the imprecise and the unpredictable. Contrary to Modernist thought, Postmodern art and After Post art embrace chaos and is characterized by pastiche of medium and styles. Art in the twenty-first century neither belongs to a unitary frame of reference, nor to a single project. The plurality of perspectives leads to a fragmentation of experience, because of the diversity of art that is inter-disciplinary and no longer is contained within the traditional space of a gallery or museum.

Thanks to electronic technology, international cultural symbols are more easily accessible (a lot of images are actually owned, and intellectual properties (plagiarism) and copyright issues are a hot, legal topic for the web); people everywhere combine traditions, borrow rituals, and appropriate imagery. Stylistic elements and thematic concerns from various periods are assembled together; because of new technology fresh effects alter old forms and blur history within the single frame. There is no doubt that new possibilities are emerging and these changes will alter the visual means of communication across multiple disciplines. As societies shared cognition of time and space is remade because of electronic media and life's quick pace, the experience of the spectator is becoming undeniably fluid.

  • Currently working on an exhibition titled: Re-emergence of Abstract Art, Languages of Abstraction
  • Guest Curator, Likeness: After Warhol’s Legacy, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh PA
  • Guest Curator, Maria Mater O’Neill mid-career survey exhibition, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Hungarian Graphic Arts Biennial in Gyór, Hungary
    2005, 07
  • IN YOUR FACE - PORTRAITS NOW USA, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Fall
  • Guest Curator, Master of Graphic Arts Biennial, Györ, Hungary
  • Guest Curator, Crossing Borders, USA/Europe, Allegheny College, February
  • American Guest Curator, Vth International Master of Drawing & Graphic Arts Biennial, Gyor, Hungary
  • American Curator MA[R]KING, exhibition at Central Arts, Tucson, AZ
  • 10 Year Retrospective of Diane Samuels Györ, Hungary, March-May. The show traveled to 4 venues in Europe and 2 in the USA
  • Juror for the Merged Realities Exhibition, University of Arizona, Tucson, January
  • Foreland Street Gallery, Artists from the IVth Graphic Arts Biennial, Gyor, Hungary
  • Guest Curator, The Masters of Graphic Arts, International Graphic Biennial, Györ, Hungary (Fall 1995) American exhibition of artists, Városi Museum and Janor Xántus Museum
    1997, 95
  • David Humphrey: 1987-1994, Paintings & Drawings, ( 60-page catalogue) April Contemporary Arts & Wood Street Art Gallery
  • Light Into Art: From Video to Virtual Reality, December, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Lyza Beth Sallan: Channel & The Stolen Moment Series, September-October, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Contemporary Art Cincinnati: Minimalism to Postmodernism, 1965-1994, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Martha Rosler: In Place of the Public, An Airport Installation, The Contemporary Arts Center
  • Border to Border: Across Lines & Culture, American & Latin Influences, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Daniel Fischer, The Seven Beneficial Spirits, April-May, The Contemporary Arts Center
  • Emily Cheng, Monoprints, January -March, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Vito Acconci, Enigmatic Chairs, April, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • The Drawings of Alfred DeCredico: 1985-1993, Traveling Exhibition
  • The Figure As Fiction, December –January 1994, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Art In The Age of Information, February -April, 1993, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh
  • 5 Artists at the Airport, Insights into Public Art, October, Wood Street Galleries
  • New Generations: New York, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Magdalena Jetelova: Site Work and Drawings, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • New Generations: Chicago, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Drawings From the 1980s, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Michel Gerard, Drawings & Sculpture, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Barry Le Va: 1968-88, October,(Traveling retrospective: Fine Arts Museum, Flordia, Lucern, Kunstahalle, Switzerland
  • Martin Puryear: Sculpture & Drawings, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Elizabeth Murray: Drawings, 1980-1986, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • From Los Angeles, Paintings: David Amico, Sculpture, Michael Lere, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Abstraction/Abstraction, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Robert Wilson: Civil War Drawings, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Mel Bochner: 1973-1985, (Traveling retrospective), Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • Nancy Spero: Black Paintings, Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery
  • New York Painting Today, (Co-curated with Donald Kuspit), Carnegie Museum of Art, Three Rivers Arts Festival