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Selected Articles, Reviews, Interviews and Illustrations:

Shaw, Kurt, “’End’ offer crisis management,” Pittsburgh Tribune Review, March 11, 2009
Olson, Kristina, “Susanne Slavick”, Art Papers, January/February
Shiner, Eric, essay for The End exhibition newspaper catalogue, February, 2009
Thomas, Mary, “Artist of the Year crafts intense message,” Pittsburgh Post Gazette, October 15, 2008
Sloss, Eric, “Artist Explores Our Ability to be Self-Destructive,” Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, October 15, 2008
Brennan, Lissa, “Susanne Slavick’s Artist of the Year show,” Pittsburgh City Paper, October 9, 2008
Shaw, Kurt, “Building, growing images express artist’s hope,” Pittsburgh Tribune Review, September 21, 2008
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Head to Head, RELAY, School of Art, Carnegie Mellon, Fall 2008
Fables of La Fontaine, compiled and edited by Koren G. Christofides, University of Washington Press, June 2006
Art Review of Pillow Talk, Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, August 24, 2005
Beyond the Light, Kurt Shaw, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, August 4, 2005
Flying Solo, Gregory Knepp, Pittsburgh City Paper, July 28, 2005
Exhibit looks at foreign policy…, Julie Powell, Athens Banner Herald, (Georgia) November 12, 2003
Artistic Reproduction, Kurt Shaw, Tribune-Review, December 27, 2002
Art Review, Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 16, 2000, p. C-9.
Flesh & Blood, Dinah Ryan, Art Papers, September/October, 2000
CMU’s ….edgy show, Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, , May 27, 2000
Ringing in Changes, Graham Shearing, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 21, 2000
Susanne Slavick, Phyllis Leverich Evans, Art Papers, March/April, 2000
The Beauty of Flesh and Blood, South China Post, Fionnula McHugh, January 10, 2000
1998 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship Recipients, 1999, cover reproduction
14 Artists, Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 6, 1999
Flesh and Blood, Carnegie Mellon University, exhibition catalogue, 1998
Family links...., Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mary Thomas, December 13, 1997
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Flesh and Blood, Tribune-Review, Graham Shearing, November 30, 1997
Living Together, Nagoya College of Art and Design, (catalogue), 1997
Chromo/some, Gallery 937, (catalogue), 1997
Regional Focus, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, (catalogue), 1996
Painting: Not Dead Yet, Jane Durrell, Cincinnati City Beat, February 22-28, 1996
Susanne Slavick, Richard Schindler, New Art Examiner, March, 1995
The Search for Certainty, Lois Wiley, Erie Times News, November 17, 1994
'Pittsburgh x 7' addresses the spiritual, Graham Shearing, Greensburg Tribune Review, August 8, 1993
Exhibition a Testimony, Donald Miller, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 24, 1993
Pittsburgh X Seven, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, (catalogue), June, 1993
Artists and the American Yard, Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI, (catalogue), 1991
Potent Landscape, Lincoln Journal-Star, February 10, 1991
Four Janet Fleisher, Jennifer Crohn, Philadelphia Inquirer, November 23, 1989
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Horne, Kwon, Slavick, John Byrum, Dialogue, March/April, 1988
Welcome Back: Painting Sculpture & Works on Paper, Carol Weiss, Arts Indiana, 1/88
Susanne Slavick at Struve Gallery, Michael Bonesteel, Art in America, October, 1987
Pensive Artists at SPACES, Helen Cullinan, Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 24, 1987
Pluck of a Pioneer, Alan Artner, Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1987
Nature: Order and Disorder, Ann Sutherland Harris, Dialogue, May, 1986
Visual Landscapes: Inside and Out, San Francisco Examiner, July 30, 1985
American Art Now, Edward Lucie-Smith, 1985
Chicago '84, New Art Examiner, May, 1984
Modernism Is the Spirit of Slavick, Alan Artner, Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1984
80th Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, Art Institute of Chicago, IL, 1984
Painting and Sculpture Today: 1984, Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN, 1984
1984 Wisconsin Biennial, Madison Art Center, 1984
Chicago: Emerging Visions, Paine Art Center, Oshkosh, WI, 1984
Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, New Art Examiner, December, 1983
l982 Wisconsin Biennial, New Art Examiner, October, 1982


Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics, feature on R&R&R, March, 2009
Cartographic Perspectives, Cover art and short statement (forthcoming Spring 2009)
M/C Journal, Vol., No. 6, December 2008 (reproduction in Recover issue)
In the Making: 250 Years, 250 Artists, catalogue reproduction, Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, September, 2008
Agency: Art & Advertising, essay on Emily Berezin for catalogue, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, OH, 2008
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100 Creative Drawing Ideas, edited by Anna Held Audette, Shambala Publications, 2004
Walking to the Sky, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, March 23, 2006
Born in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Feedback Section, August 25, 2005

Thoughts on Art, Focus, Carnegie Mellon, March, 2005
PCA cuts have created a visual vacuum in the city, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, March 1, 2002

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